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Steinert Maximo
Steinert Maximo
  • Model: Maximo
  • Manufactured by: Steinert

Price:   $28,899.00


maximum stability

The machines centerpiece is a heavy, diagonally ribbed cast iron-benchbed. With an overall width of 220 mm / 8,66 inches all set up’s get an extremely solid base. The bed stands on cast iron feet with ideal static characteristics. The top edge height of the benchbed from the floor only amounts to 800 mm / 31,5 inches, therefore the machine’s centre of grativity is uncommonly low.

 Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, headstock, lathe bad and legs from cast iron

A heavy cast iron headstock, moveable over the complete benchbed and turnable about 360° disposes of a generous distance of bearings of  330 mm / 12,99 inches. In position nil two solid fitting plates provide for accurate alignment of drive and tailstock centres.With the headstock turned about 90° three clamping screws provide additional support.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, headstock with bayonet

The spindle’s triple bearing with it’s accurate transverse ball bearing sees to an uncompromising running smoothness even with a high workpiece weight or big workpieces.

The spindle measures a diameter of 54 mm / 2,13 inches and is stabilised by a bush stretched between the inner rings of the bearings. This special construction considerably raises the spindles’ bending strenght. A rear bearing allows for the use of Heureka chucks and provides additional axial stability. The rear bearing cloeses the post vent of the spindle but can be removed easiliy so that for example a vacuum chuck can be adapted.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, shaft

The chuck’s attachment to the spindle takes place with a bayonet receiver with diameter 125 mm / 4,92 inches. Tailstock sleeve and spindle are equiped with MT3.


An extra clamping of the cast iron tailstock at the side of the working piece cares for highest stability even with heavy working pieces. The tailstock sleeve is clamped directly at it’s exit and therefore is absolutey backlash-free.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, tailstock

A heavy cast iron tool rest is deployed. The tool rest shank has a diameter of 40 mm / 1,57 inches.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo

The total weight of the basic machine amounts to 540 kg / 1.190 lbs. Icluding the outboard turning device the weight goes up to 660 kg / 1.500 lbs

maximum dimensions

The maximum diameter over bed of the standard version is to 335 mm / 13,19 inch.

To be able to fully exploit the swing over bed an additional outer bed can be obtained which is screwed in front of the bench bed. With this the maximum diameter with long grain turning will not be disturbed by the bottom of the tool rest and the locking lever. Furthermore the tool rest obtains stability which is impossible to gain with common constructions due to the necessary overhang of this tool rest.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo with outside bed

A major swing over bed can be realised as spezial request. With this a closed cast iron headstock is deployed.

With rotating the headstock 90° and using the optional outer turning device it is possible to reach rotation diameter of 2000 mm / 78,74 inches.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo


The machines’ distance between centres amounts to 1500 mm and is extendable to 3850 mm / 151,57 inches or 6200 mm / 244,09 inches.

The spindle is bored through with a diameter of 18 mm / 0,71 inches.

maximum capacity

As a standard feature the lathe is equiped with a 2,2 kW (3HP) motor. It is possbile to install stronger engines on request.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, 24 steps index device

The power is transferred to the spindle with a three-step Poly-V-belt transmission with 12  rills und 28 mm / 1,1 inches belt width.

maximum comfort

Using the frequency converter which is located on the left foot, safe from dust, the rotational speed can be regulated smoothly in the range from 70 to 540 / 240 to 2100 and 620 to 4650 min-1.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo

frequency converter with adjustment for starting speed and breaks

Depending on the weight of the work piece you can choose between three acceleration and three breaking times.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, main switch

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, mobile switch

Right-left-driving can be chosen with a button. On the bottom of the control panel with on/off-buttons and the speed potentiometer there are strong magnetic clamps so it can be flexibly fixed all over the machine.

All levers are affixed ergonomically well-conceived. 

Besides, the machine is equiped with a 24step indexing device.

maximum security

Due to the bayonet receiver the accidentally loosening of clamping systems running counter-clockwise or while braking is practically barred. Spindle thread adapter are principally equiped with a groove to fix a form-fit run-off-protection between spindle and chuck.

An eye-catching emergency stop-button is located at the movable control panel.

With an end switch the spindle automatically stops when the belt covering is opened. Thus an accidential starting of the machine while indexing device are locked can be prevented.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, gear

maximum accessorie offer

The basic configuration of the machine contains of a spindle thread adaptor as required. With this it is possible to further use existing chucks or other attachment parts without problems.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, headstock with thread adaptor

Thread adaptor with M 33 x 3,5 are equiped with a MT2 cone

Size 125 and bigger chucks are available as accessories and will be fixed on the bayonett receiver directly. Size 125 four jaw chucks can be equiped with mounting jaws to be able to receive AXMINSTER- jaws.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, headstock with 5" chuck

TOS super precision 4-jaw chuck Ø 125 mm with Axminster jaws

A variety of faceplates, drive centers and live centres which meet the requirements of this machine are on hand.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, headstock with faceplate

Faceplate Ø 300 mm

A workshop crane with an ultimate load up to 1000 kg / 2.204,62 lbs. and a lifting height of 2350 mm / 92,52 inches for heavy workpieces and for transporting the machine is on offer as special accessories.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo,workshop crane

The lathe is prepared for the ussage of  vacuum-chucks.

Various steady rests, an optional attachment for small turned parts, an oval turning device and further equipment round the accessory range.

maximum quality

The manufacturer of the machine, our long-term partner WEMA Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH, has great experience in manufacturing automatic copy lathes for woodworking. Therefore building such a machine definetely is no new territory, but there is profound expert knowledge. Every machine undergos a stern quality check with test runs up to the limit.

For the colouring high class coatings are used that preserve the precious appearance for years. The cast iron benchbed is stored for at least one year before it is processed. With this tensions in the cast iron body are balanced and the possibility of an inaccuracy in the construction later on is excluded.  Due to this measure there could be a longer delivery time. All this quality characteristics finally contribute to the machines maximum stable value.

With us customer service does not stop whith the purchase of a machine. We take corresponding special-design in close agreement with the users of our machines for granted.

Technical specifications

Center height 335 mm / 13,19 inches, at a premium 400 mm / 15,75 inches

Distance between centres 1500 mm / 59,06 inches, at a premium 3850 or 6200 mm / 151,57 or 244,09 inches

Chuck mounting: bayonet receiver 125 mm / 4,92 inches, morse taper MT3

Vast dimensioned hollow spindle with 18 mm / 0,71 inches drilling with accurate transverse ball bearing and additional rear bearing

Drive 2,2 kW, 400 Volt (3HP), 50 Hz (stronger engines are possible)

Smooth electronic rotatinal speed control with reversible acceleration and breaking time. Mobile control panel which is connected with the frequency converter by a spiral cable.

Right-left-driving of the spindle with alteration switch on the lefthand side of the machine stand

The power is transferred  with a three-step Poly-V-belt transmission with high performance belts type 12 PJ 836 (belt width 28 mm / 1,1 inches).

Speeds 70-540 / 240-2100 / 620-4650 min-1

Tailstock sleeve: distance 160 mm / 6,3 inches, morse taper MT3, vast dimensioned chromed hand wheel, measure scale on demand

Tool rest 425 mm / 16,72 inches, shank 40 mm / 1,56 inches

Weight 540 kg with the basic version, 660 kg with outboard turning device

Measures: L = 2550 mm / 100,39 inches, B = 670 mm / 26,38 inches, H = 1250 mm / 49,21 inches


Delivery contens with the standard equipment:

Entire machine as per technical specifications plus thread receiver M 33 ( DIN 800) or on demand (1½" and others), factory manual, jaw spanner

Optional accessory: Outer bed for big turning diameter between centers (posts up to Ø 670 mm / 26,38 inches), outer turning device for big disc-shaped workpieces (Ø bis 2000 mm / 78,74 inches), diverse chucks, drive centers, live centers, tool rests 180 mm / 7,09 inches, 275 mm / 10,83 inches, 1000 mm / 39,37 inches, diverse steady rests, drilling steady rests, oval turning device, attachment for small turnded parts, closed headstock with  SPH 400 mm / 15,75 inches, drilling sleever, pneumatic tailstock.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo

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