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A Revolutionary Dust Processor

In a woodworking shop, wood dusts are always a big problem for woodworkers. Flying dust particles can severely harm the health of operators and create pollution. In past decades, woodworkers mostly use traditional dust collectors, such as bag collectors, or cyclone collectors to collect dusts. However, all these existing collectors are having following flaws that make woodworkers uncomfortable:

Big Noise (95-100 dbA) -- it simply creates an additional problem for operators Difficult Maintenance -- the filters are easily blocked by dusts which need frequent cleaning Bulky Structure – it occupies a very large space in a woodworking shop Large Power Consumption – Normally needs 3 – 5HP

After more than 6 years continuous efforts, Harvey team developed an unprecedented dust collector – GYRO AIR Dust Processor. It completely solve the existing problems and make all wishes of woodworkerscome true:

Ø 99.7% Dust separation efficiency before filtration

Ø Super low noise (61 dbA)

Ø Compact size with built-in mobility kit

Ø Strong and constant static pressure

Ø Up to 50% energy saving (only 1.5KW)

Ø Variable flow control Ø Intelligent dust-full monitor

Ø Less maintenance

GYRO AIR Dust Processor revolutionized the traditional principles of dust collecting. It was designed with Harvey’s invention - Axial Centrifugation Technology (or called Gyro Air Technology) which is totally different from any existing dust collectors. The Gyro Air Technology makes flowing dust stream suddenly spins at high speed (over 4,000rpm), which generates a very strong centrifugal force on dust particles (over 70g). The particles are pushed away from air flow center by the centrifugal force and then dropped into dust tanks. The clean air remains in the flow and go forward to the final air filters. The process can successfully separate 99.7% dust particles by from air, which greatly reduce the pressure of the filters.

Because of the super high separation efficiency and unique horizontal structure, operation noise is minimized to a pleasant level 61dbA. Also the power consumption is minimized to 1.5KW.

With these marvelous performances, GYRO AIR Dust Processor totally re-defined the standard of industrial dust collectors, and brings the working environment into a completely new level.

Like every other Harvey products, “Excellent Quality, Extreme Experience” has been always the motto of Harvey Team during designing and engineering of GYRO AIR. Besides the unbeatable performances, The following features make GYRO AIR a premium quality product:

Power coated steel frame

Stainless steel dust separation system

SIEMENS variable flow control

Intelligent dust-full monitor

Convenient tool-less dust tank operation

Built-in mobility kit

1-2 Dust port adaptor

Capability to serve two machines simultaneously

RED-DOT Industrial Design Award Winner



Power Requirement: 220V,

Single Phase,50 or 60Hz

Max. Amps: 12A

Breaker Size: 20A

Inverter Type: Siemens V20

Inverter Size: 1500W


Tpye: TEFC Induction

Power: 1500W

Phase: 3Phase

Rated Amps: 5.8A

Speed: 2280-4275rpm Variable


Impeller Size: φ300mm

Max. Air Flow @φ100mm (4")

hose: 1100m³/h Max.

Flow Velocity @φ100mm (4")

hose: 38.9m/s

Static Pressure @φ100mm (4")

hose: 1400Pa

Max. Blower Air Flow: 2380m³/h

Max.Air Flow @φ 150mm(6”)

hose: 1300m³/h

Max. Flow Velocity @φ150mm (6")

hose: 20.5m/s

Static Pressure @φ150mm (6")

hose: 550Pa

Max. Static Pressure: 4600Pa

Main Inlet Size: φ150mm

Adapter Inlet Size (2): φ100mm x 2

Filter Rating: 5 micron

Filter Surface Area: 7 ㎡

Sound Rating @3m 61dBA

Max.Dust Bin Capacity: 120L

Manual Filter Cleaning: Yes

Intelligent Dust-Full Monitoring system: Yes

Pressure Gauge: Yes

Product Dimensions

Overall Dimension: 1430 x 597 x 858 mm

Packing Size: 1500 x 725 x 1072 mm

Product Weight

Net Weight: 195Kgs

Gross Weight: 255Kgs

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